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The dashboard allows the selection of the projects based on 3 major filters such as sectors, name of the state and year of project sanctioned. Thereafter, selection may also be made based on cost of the projects in sectors, states or year of sanction etc. Additionally, the individual project can also be selected directly from the list of the projects. Once, particular project is marked, its details can then be known just by clicking on the marker representing the project location More On Project Sectors..>>

Update Data

The database can be updated on real time by the authorised users. Once updated, the collective status and statictics can be visualize on the dashboard

Collect data Using Mobile App

The ground truth photo of physical assets can be captured using mobile apps and visualize or monitor directly on the dashboard

Aerial Photos

The availability of aerial photos from pmd/uav/Sattelite for project locations to know the physical extents of projects being undertaken